CBSE circular leaves school management fuming.

The Kerala CBSE School Management Association has sent a letter airing their grievances against a controversial CBSE circular, which limits autonomy in appointing principals in unaided schools.

The circular issued on December 21, after a recent amendment in the affiliation by-law, informed unaided school managements that they will have to include a nominee from the CBSE and nominee(s) of the state government as per the State Education Act,” in their selection committee.

Previously, the selection committee consisted of the chairman of the managing committee, president of the society, an educationist nominated by the management community, and a person having experience of administration of schools (who was also nominated by the managing committee.)

“In our letter to the ministry of human resource development and to the CBSE board, we have cited four Supreme Court orders that protect the autonomy of unaided schools from the interference of the state government. These orders are now in conflict with the new amendment,” said Indira Rajan, general secretary, CBSE Schools Management Association.

Source : The Times of India



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