CBSE extends deadline for ‘mandatory disclosure’ till January 20

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has extended its deadline for mandatory online disclosure of school details for the third time till January 20.

More than 110 CBSE schools in Indore district were expected to submit the mandatory disclosure by December 15 earlier. Of them, around eight schools are yet to submit their mandatory disclosure. CBSE has named the online disclosure as Online Affiliated School Information System (OASIS).

Releasing the circular about the final deadline for the mandatory disclosure, CBSE deputy secretary (affiliation) said “In view of the representation received from several stakeholders, the competent authority of the board as a measure of last opportunity has approved extension of date for filling the information from December 23, 2016 to January 20, 2017.”
However, this time the board has given warning to the schools not meeting the deadlines that the link will not be available for submission after January 20. Such schools will also be penalised with a fine of Rs50,000.
“CBSE has given the final deadline now and the school not complying with the deadline will have to pay the penalty. However most of the schools have submitted their details from the city,” said Jaydeb Kar, CBSE helpline member from the state.
The board has also sought information about the sexual harassment committee and its members under OASIS. Apart from it, OASIS also sought information about schools and the vicinity where they are located.

Source: Times of India



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