NCERT prepares samples of learning outcomes, CBSE seeks public

Children in class III should be encouraged to read aloud short texts or scripts on the walls while in class IV they should be given opportunities to read independently and silently in English or Braille, adventure stories, travelogues, folk or fairy tales etc.

These are samples of suggested teaching process and learning outcomes that the NCERT has prepared on which the CBSE has sought opinion of the people.

The HRD Ministry has decided that defined Learning Outcomes will made part of the rules of the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (RTE) Act, 2009.

These rules will be applicable to all schools including government, aided and private schools.

The NCERT has developed draft Learning Outcomes for each class in Languages (Hindi, English and Urdu), Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Science and Social Science up to the elementary stage.

The Learning Outcomes developed by NCERT are the minimum levels of learning to facilitate the monitoring of students against expected benchmarks.

For example, a learning outcome for a class I child in Maths is that he or she can apply addition and subtraction of numbers 1 to 20 in daily life, while in class VIII, child should have the ability to finds squares, cubes and square roots and cube roots of numbers using different methods and even work with algebraic expressions.




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