5 tips to tackle your board exams with ease |CBSE Boards Exams 2017 | Radice-Edu


Face your board exams cool and calm! Radice-Edu shares the mantra to ace the space in style. With not even a week to go for the examinations to start, recent surveys reveal that most students are under pressure and stress and as the date near, they find it extremely difficult to focus on their studies and spend plenty of time worrying. However, with a little bit of planning, students can combat this problem and put in an excellent performance during the tests. Here are a few tips from Radice-Edu for those feeling the heat:

Mantra 1: Maintain a TimeTable and Follow it!

Students find it difficult to follow the timetable they have themselves made. A possible reason for it could be that the timetables students are making are more ambitious than realistic. Make sure your timetable has achievable short term goals and you are good to go.

Mantra 2: Schedule your Revision

Some students complain that they do not get time to revise the syllabus before the exam, to tackle the problem, one can simply revise the entire syllabus by skip reading through the notes and just going through mock test questions and noting down the answers in points on the question paper itself. That would help the students save time, revise and also build confidence.

Get yourself prepared with our personalised practice tests at Radice-Edu.

Mantra 3: Outdoor Breaks

Most students skip taking outdoor breaks and that is problematic. It is important that one takes outdoor breaks and remain calm for the preparation. Studies reveal that stress can hamper memory and to ensure that you retain what you learn, make sure you take outdoor breaks.

Mantra 4: Proper support from Parents

Many students complain that they are under constant pressure from their parents. Now, this is for parents to understand it is a mental support that their children need and comparisons and unachievable goals will only affect their student’s performance.

Radice-Edu offers detailed skill-based feedback reports to parents which can be used to monitor student performance and give them the necessary support to take the CBSE Board exams with confidence.

Mantra 5: Abstinence from social media

Social media websites do provide instant gratification but it’s important to abstain from it and channelise your energy towards a relaxing activity that would also be helpful for your physical fitness. However, a judicious decision should be taken and going off social media completely is not really the answer. Plan your free time accordingly, take your time off social media and utilize it to enhance your skill set at e-learning platforms.




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