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Several companies have successfully turned the near universal addiction of children to their mobile devices into a way to help them learn, though parents are still trying to accept the fact that learning can take place on screen.

Kaira has been glued to her phone for nearly an hour, and her mother Anju Taneja is losing patience. She finally bursts out: “Get off your phone and spend more time with your books, your exams are near”.

The teenager tries to explain that she is using an app to understand Physics. “A lot of my friends use mobile apps that can be downloaded for free. They go beyond our textbooks and make things easier by using tutorial videos and interactive tools,” she says.

Her mother, however, seems unsure: How can smartphones replace textbooks?

“We need to realise that the younger generation can grasp a concept better when it is presented on a screen. I have seen some of the content and it is quite fun. It cannot replace classroom teaching, but it is a useful aid,” says Madhuri Tandon, a parent and a special education teacher.

Innovative learning

Recognising the trend, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) launched a mobile application ‘E-CBSE’ in 2015. The app provides e-learning material as a supplement to the curriculum. It has been downloaded 5,000 times.

However, it is the private players that have truly taken the lead when it comes to innovative learning solutions.


Meritnation, a popular education app, provides conceptual videos and collaborative learning methods. It goes beyond the curriculum, which helps students enhance soft-skills and prepare for competitive exams.

From sample papers to interactive learning, there are hundreds of apps ready to offer an experience that goes beyond classroom learning.

Source: The Hindu



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