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Source: DNA India



Many CBSE class X students who took their mathematics examination on Monday complained that the paper was way too lengthy, especially section B which consisted six question carrying two marks each.

Rehan Naqvi of Kendriya Vidhyalaya said, “The paper was straight forward, but lengthy”. “Many questions were similar to those in last year’s paper. One who had attempted previous years’ papers would have done well,” added Arjun of Study Hall.
Many students claimed the paper to be a balanced one and expected to score above 85%. But some, like Mantasha and her friends, felt section D of the paper was tricky. According to Akshay of Rani Lakshmi Bai school, eleven long questions of six marks each in the last section of the paper were the most difficult ones to attempt and required more time than was given. Jawaid Alam Khan, CBSE coordinator for Lucknow, confirmed that the mathematics paper was lengthy but stuck to the syllabus.

Source: Times Of India

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2 thoughts on “Lengthy but straight Maths paper for CBSE X | Radice-Edu Blog

  1. Sarah Santhosh says:

    What would you say about foreign paper…. It was too lengthy and most of the questions were in higher order of thinking….. Around 28-34 marks were HOTS.

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