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Image Source: The Indian Express

The world today is more connected than ever before with the internet and social media has become an intrinsic parts of our lives. The emergence of technology and its melding with our day-to-day functioning has brought with it an era of opportunities. One of the biggest beneficiaries of this trend are students.

With the academia putting on immense pressure on students, burdening them with board examinations and the rushing them to pick a career and score high, the internet comes as a huge boon. Students can now access and exploit the global reservoirs of information and tools for better learning, understanding, and experience.

This is the third age of connectivity which has even allowed schools to offer advanced learning experiences, which is much required in developing countries like ours. One can see the gradual shift to this new world from within the classroom itself. The chalks and blackboards were first replaced by whiteboards and markers. Now? Students are glued to interactive boards which the teacher can control with electronic pens and computers.

The advancement of teaching key and practical IT skills through school curriculum has enabled virtual collaboration facilities amongst students and faculty to improve information exchange, promote collaborative learning and exchange of ideas. This third age of learning has even enabled teachers to devise digitally stimulating and compatible teaching methods to improve the learning capabilities of students.

Today’s generation is quite tech savvy and India has over 74 million internet users. Be it the introduction of WhatsApp or iMessage, people are now discovering faster ways to connect across the globe as the benefits to such advancement for the society are endless.

The link between a great education and career progression also seems to possess a close connectivity considering the quality of the job would equally be of global and high standards. It is wise to allow the present generation in India to engage in the third age of connectivity through the medium of their studies.

As technology becomes an intrinsic part of our everyday lives, there is no doubt that the fourth age (if third ever stops evolving) of connectivity will be bigger, better and beneficial for all across sectors of our economy. With such rapid advancements, it is safe to predict that students may soon give their exams in virtual reality!

Source: The Indian Express

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