CBSE Board Exam 2017: Class 10 Students in UAE Launch Petition Seeking Lenient Evaluation For Maths Paper | Radice-Edu Blog


CBSE class 10 board examinees of Dubai, United Arab Emirates have launched a petition at for ‘Lenient correction for AISSE Math Paper Foreign Set 30/ 2/ (1,2,3,4)’. Citing utmost difficulty level of the questions to be the reason, the petition has already garnered more than 7000 supporters. According to the students, the questions were not from the prescribed books and students found it extraordinarily lengthy and difficult. The difficulty level of the question paper has created confusion within near about 1500 Indian students at Dubai, UAE.

As per Jamana Abdul Azeez (who has signed the petition), “as a student who wrote this exam set/3 I left the hall unsatisfied as the length and the difficultly level of the paper did not match the duration given.” Similar response has been given by another student from Ajman, UAE and he said “It was very difficult…And the level of questions was also high, to read and understand the question I took almost 10 mins and to complete a question more than that ….”

Apart from one or two questions from NCERT, the Foreign Set 3 comprised mainly of HOTS questions, is the reason mentioned for signing the petition.
The letter reads, “On behalf of my peers, I’d like to petition you to consider enforcing leniency with regards to the evaluation of AISSE Math (041) Paper Foreign Set 30/2/(1,2,3,4) conducted on 3rd April 2017.”

The All India Secondary School Examination (AISSE) was held on 3 April for Maths paper and issues have been raised by students of UAE for Mathematics, Foreign Set Series HRK/2; Sets 30/2/1,2,3 & 4.

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