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Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has stirred confusion among lakhs of students nationwide after the ‘scrapping off’ moderation policy news came. While the Board decided to take the plunge for bringing in clean marks; the news has added up to the agony of students, especially those awaiting the CBSE board exam results 2017. Students are expecting a dip in the percentage; since no grace marks will be given to students for difficult questions.

No Moderation Policy

This major decision for curbing the ‘more than a decade’ long practice had started from 2016. On December 2016, CBSE had requested MHRD to develop a consensus on completely removing the marks moderation policy which always led to inflation of marks in board exam results.  The call bringing an end to moderation became essential when board exam marks increased unnaturally. Students, who were affected by this, were those who had a tough examiner. It also hampered those who had a difficult set of question paper.

Subsequently, cut off scores for undergraduate course admission became abnormally high. One of the most concrete example in support of this is when during last few years, DU admission process saw 100% cut-offs in many subjects.

What should students know?

The CBSE board exam results will have a lesser percentage of 90 above scorers. But in sync, admission cut-offs will dip. Though ‘no moderation policy’ has been adopted by the Board, the grace marks will continue for cases where few marks are required to qualify.

The major concern is from those who are expecting the result this year. Students have taken the issue to filing a petition for changing the moderation policy from 2018, not 2017. …” the Central Board of Secondary Education has decided to not give any grace marks and do away with moderation in this year’s board examination results despite the lengthy Delhi region Mathematics, Physics and Accountancy papers” reads the petition.

Yes, other educational boards have agreed to let go off the grace marking practice. Students can relax as the overall cutoff for admission will go down.

Source: NDTV



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