Radice-Edu is a new and interactive online education website providing comprehensive e-learning for Class 10 CBSE students. We provide the best in class e-learning solutions strictly following the CBSE syllabus.

It’s been 9 amazing years since we have been with the CBSE student community. Our CCE based Math Companion and Science Companion printed teaching materials are being used by students widely across the Kerala state. We are grateful for the amount of appreciation we have received not only from students who are around 25,000 in numbers but also from teachers.

www.radice-edu.com is an online education platform that provides high-quality tutoring in Mathematics and Science at an affordable price. All teachings materials from Math and Science Companion products, which have been further enhanced, are made available worldwide through this site. Our aim is to provide world-class education at an affordable price and enable each student to achieve their maximum potential.